Glowing corals are a highly visual sign of climate change — an attention-grabbing indicator that we’ve reached a tipping point for the planet. We’ve turned these warning colours into colours to inspire action that everyone can use.


Working with Pantone and Adobe, we used cutting-edge technology to sample the exact colours of glowing corals, we’ve turned them into official Pantone colours.

05 Glowing Blue.jpg
06 Glowing Purple.jpg



“Chasing Coral” is the Netflix Original Documentary that won the 2018 Emmy for Outstanding Nature Documentary. This scene from the film shows the moment the Glowing corals were discovered on a reef in New Caledonia in the South Pacific — a scene described by Time magazine as the “Most Beautiful Death.”


A fluorescing coral reef in New Caledonia, photographed by The Ocean Agency whilst filming “Chasing Coral.”